The chapel exterior

Rose Terrace
NN14 4HT


The chapel interior pre 1934

The front of the Chapel prior to the installation of the organ in the mid 1930s

The Organ Committee - 1934

The committee responsible for the installation of the first organ (from Desborough) in the 1930s

The chapel yard 1950s

The chapel yard in the late 1950s from the manse

The younger Sunday School 1970s

The younger members of the Sunday School in the early 1970s

The older Sunday School 1970s

The older members of the Sunday School in the early 1970s

Harvest Festival mid 1980s

The Harvest Festival display in the mid 1980s. The organ was moved from Desborough some fifty years earlier

The chapel interior today

The front of the Chapel today with the organ moved from Roade Baptist Church in 1988

Services / meetings


11.00am Family Service (3rd Sunday of month)

6.00pm Evening Service


7.15pm Prayer and Bible Study

email for location


Youth Groups

see diary for dates or email for details


7.15pm Midweek Fellowship re starts end February


Location Map